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Kanye West - Closed on Sunday Lyrics

Kanye West - Closed on Sunday Lyrics
Kanye West's song lyrics, "Closed On Sunday", is the 4th track on the album Jesus Is King. This song was produced by Federico Vindver, Kanye West, Timbaland, Brian "All Day" Miller & Angel López. You can buy and listen to this song through digital platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and other music streaming services.

Kanye West - Closed on Sunday Lyrics

Closed on Sunday, you're my Chick-fil-A
Closed on Sunday, you my Chick-fil-A
Hold the selfies, put the 'Gram away
Get your family, y'all hold hands and pray
When you got daughters, always keep 'em safe
Watch out for vipers, don't let them indoctrinate
Closed on Sunday, you my Chick-fil-A
You're my number one, with the lemonade
Raise our sons, train them in the faith
Through temptations, make sure they're wide awake
Follow Jesus, listen and obey
No more livin' for the culture, we nobody's slave

Stand up for my home
Even if I take this walk alone
I bow down to the King upon the throne
My life is His, I'm no longer my own
I pray to God that He'll strengthen my hand
They will think twice steppin' onto my land
I draw the line, it's written in the sand
Try me and you will see that I ain't playin'
Now, back up off my family, move your hands
I got my weapons in the spirit's land
I, Jezebel don't even stand a chance
Jezebel doesn't even stand a chance


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