NinjaTea || Grime Session || Ayo Kamu Kenalkan Me |

NinjaTea || Grime Session || Ayo Kamu Kenalkan Me

Tamu spesial di RLS (Rakat Live Session) ini adalah seorang rapper kelahiran Indonesia, tapi sejak umur satu tahun udah pindah ke Manchester, UK.
Hadir dengan style hip hop ala UK yaitu Grime, NinjaTea bikin kuping panas dengan peluru kata kata yang diludahinya di tiap ketukan beat Grime.
Mad respect from Tanah Air to Ninja Tea yang hari ini merayakan ulang tahunnya ke 22 tahun!
Follow sosmed Ninja Tea : @NinjaTea0161
Huge love also for the Grime beat producer Mac James and Nat James who also spits some fire on this session, and the man behind the video Jay Bannister.
Follow them all on instagram :
Minggu depan session ini akan dijadikan full song oleh Ninja Tea dan Mac James

Lyrics : 

NinjaTea ayo kamu kenalkan me
Orang Indonesia di tanah Ingriss
Bahasa kacau sedikit 
Sejak umur 1 tahun gue tinggal di sini
Sedih gue kurang sering ke negara asli 
0161 itu Manchester
Ibu-tanah ku cinta kota Jakarta
Bokap orang Jawa 
Nyokap or-ang pa-dang
Ini bukan Hip-Hop No
Ini UK GRIME, flow... ayo sebarkan 

(Verse 1)
Google translate if you really waan know what I just said
Mac James came widda sauce
Lipooz came widda plug for I to buss Levz
Wait, bentar
We afi subtitle, 
Spread this grime on a worldwide ting
5 years in the making it's all timing
Yellow brudda paying dues manna' on a grind ting
Yeah, vibes, energies
Actions speak louder than words
So I talk of the dirt that I do but I action it first
I used to beg love from my postcode 
Now I get shown love from mandem across de rasclart world
On this music ting I used to think small and local
Now I'm hopeful, of being blessed to reach an audience that's global
I used to want love from
the 0161 so much
Now I just love the 0161 as home blud
Who am I to deny
If I get more love from man outside of 
my Manny zones
Livin in a global economy
Where the energies good I'll roll to


(Verse 2)
16bar hooks in Indo
24 bar verses in English
I'mma Student of styles 
tryna master my arts linguistics 
Ninja's listener's know (4)
My stylee distinguished
My flames of pain you can't extinguish 
I own this from the grave to the ghost 👻 
My stylee never to be relinquished (8)
First Youtube Grime session 
Who said it had to be on a UK Channel?
I'm doing my first on a Indo One
My Grime gets banged in Indo Slums (12)
Made in for manor Dun kno manna got bare love dor my UK Hoods
But know that it's a different kind of greeze
Compared to the South East Asian Indo slums 
Late nights in The TNG with HVCEP
Skrr in the backroad Bronx on a bike in J-City 
Man say that it Barny that've never yet been to Bali
I say it's muad that you're yardie 
and never once been to Carni

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