Lirik Lagu Ben Utomo - Pertama Ft Kay Oscar |

Lirik Lagu Ben Utomo - Pertama Ft Kay Oscar

Verse 1 (Kay Oscar)
Pertama kalinya jumpa kumenatapmu
Perdana rasanya raga ini membeku
Tak biasaku pertama kali padamu
Pertama kali ku ragu
Tak ingin aku terjatuh
Kedalam duniamu
Kutak ingin perlahan
Rasa ini menggangguku
I got homies i got dream i got focus
All these bitches never a prize just a bonus
I know they can never be like you
I know they can never be like you
Pull up on my whip
Keep me on a track don't trip
Put you on my crib baby mama
Never ever loose you grip
And when the sun goes down can you stay a little while, percayalah padaku bersamamu merasa

Pertama, pertama-tama X4

Verse 2 (Ben Utomo)
Love is a game and we both wanna play
Thinking about you like every single day
So give me all of you babe
Promise I’m here to stay

Know I hold you down
From now till forever
How you like that sound
You’re my sunshine forever
Baby girl its you I’m looking for
Hold on to your love when I feel low
We don’t need to rush let’s just take it slow
Now that I got you keep coming back for more
Let’s get it on all night no need to sleep
So baby let’s get wet let me get in deep
You’re the finest out here lets have a quick, lets have a quickie
Flip the switch yea it’s time to be a freak

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